What have we got to lose?

50th Anniversary of 1969 Inspires New Book, New Perspectives

A book 50 years in the making.

1969 stood as the final year of a tumultuous decade, shattering domestic tranquility with epic events and cultural upheaval. On the fiftieth anniversary of 1969, eight authors have published their coming-of-age experiences, vivid memories, and lessons learned from that raucous, electrifying year.

Narrative storytelling gives readers insights into an unforgettable year.

Entitled 1969: Are You Still Listening? Stories & Essays, the book provides eyewitness accounts, personal tales, uncommon confessions, and fact-based fictional stories by eight witnesses to a transformative decade. The book merges documentary-style reporting with creative exploration, capturing the perspectives of journalists, fiction and nonfiction writers, and social and political commentators.

A book about yesterday and today.

One question reverberates throughout this book: Are you still listening? The book inspires readers to think about the nation’s social and political progress fifty years later. Do we see greater national unity today? Do we hear lingering discord? Do we sense progress toward equal opportunity for all?

About The Authors

Eight established authors joined forces to share extraordinary stories and personal essays about 1969.


Adler is a Distinguished Fellow at Institute for the Future (IFTF), Palo Alto, CA. He is also principal of People & Technology, a research and consulting firm based in Silicon Valley. His publications include "Age Wave, Meet Tech Wave: Closing the Digital Divide" (CSA Journal, 2017); "Catalyzing Technology to Support Family Caregivers" (NAC, 2014); and "The Great Retirement Divide" (in Longevity Rules, Eskaton, 2011).



Cogswell has published thousands of articles in publications that include the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Fortune, Fox News.com, Luxury Travel magazine, Travel Weekly, Travel Market Report, and TravelPulse.com. He is the author of four books in the For Beginners series, on Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Existentialism and Unions, and has contributed to several other books, including "Fortunate Son, The Making of an American President," by J.H. Hatfield.



Dobbs was a longtime network news correspondent who has been honored with three Emmy Awards and the "Distinguished Service Award" from the Society of Professional Journalists, plus a perch in the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame. Greg also hosted an award-winning program for Rocky Mountain PBS and wrote weekly op-ed columns for The Rocky Mountain News, then The Denver Post. He has written two books (“Life in the Wrong Lane” is about a foreign correspondent’s wacky life).

This book will inspire powerful memories and invite reflection about a momentous year that changed our culture and society.